Please forgive the over exuberant title and the exclamation points. It’s been pouring nonstop for over a week in Colorado and today there is sun! The rain, oy the rain. We have floods and washed out roads and small creeks are now giant rivers and it’s all a bit more than Colorado can handle, but we’ll figure it out. There came a point yesterday when I wished it was snow instead of rain. Can we say crazy?

The nonstop rain combined with me changing my crazy meds last week (hey it turns out that they can just stop working after a few years) has made the last week extra tough for me. I believe my exact words to someone just now was: LIFE IS LIVABLE AGAIN!

Over dramatic, me? Never! Heh.

However when making grilled cheese for dinner feels like I’ve been asked to run the NY marathon or something wellllllll lets just say my kids ate a lot of McDonalds and cereal last week. Whatever. They lived. I got up every day. I worked every day. I even managed to drive us to my moms house this weekend. That one was partially for entertainment for the kids that wasn’t me, but hey, I did it. All in all, we survived and that my friends, is enough in the moment.

In this moment, I feel like things are looking up.


One thought on “LOOK, IT’S SUNNY!!!!!

  1. We might have cereal for dinner tonight. No judging.

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