It has seemed for the past two weeks that I was forgetting something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Oh yeah, it’s this space. ha.

I had a good rant on Facebook earlier about the lack of PE & Recess in my kids school, yet they continue to send helpful notes home about getting kids moving. That might have been a good post. Honestly, one recess a day which is part of lunch and one PE class a week is ridiculous. I’d like to go shake some school board people.

There are a lot of things I want to say about the fact that Natalie lives with me full time. She rarely sees her dad anymore, much less lives there. But….I’m unsure how to proceed on this one. I don’t know that I even know where to begin. For now I guess it’s a story that will be stuck in my head. The other two still live with him half the time, so I also feel like I’d be better off keeping their lives off of this blog. Just know that I’ll likely discuss Natalie a lot more…because I have no other person to answer to about it.

Is there an easy button that anyone has found in regards to kids growing and parents blogging? No? Sigh.

Homework and a certain nine year old may be the death of me. I’m to the point now where I wonder if I could hire someone to help her learn to focus long enough to just EFFING DO IT AND BE DONE ALREADY! While my 7th grader seems to be capable of getting three times the amount of homework done in no time what so ever, the 4th grader and I sit there for literally hours. Also the new, turn in the homework on Thursday morning thing is a bullshit move.

Last night I tried making that overnight oatmeal thing that seems to be on every blog right now. Yeah, it tasted like nasty soggy cold oatmeal. Either I’m missing something or the Internet has a funny sense of what is tasty.

I love having this little spot that is just mine again. I just need to get back to writing again. I know I’ll get there eventually.


7 thoughts on “Things

  1. So, this a second try – wordpress apparently wants me to log in and I don’t actually remember my wordpress login.

    You DO have someone who would gladly work with your nine year old on homework! *waves from across town*

    And I’ve tried the overnight cold oatmeal thing. Turns out I don’t like it any better than the hot in the morning oatmeal option.

  2. Why would anyone want cold oatmeal that’s been sitting out overnight? I have not heard of this, but it sounds horrid.

    • I know, gross huh?

      No clue what made me think I’d like it since I don’t like hot oatmeal. Ha. Just been trying to find new breakfast ideas.

  3. My fifth grader gets his homework done in 10 minutes; meanwhile it takes my 4th grader FOREVER. She can’t focus, she spends hours fighting it, she doesn’t put any effort into it so has to re-do it–it’s a fucking nightmare. I feel your pain. She has a tutor one day a week and it’s heavenly.

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